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Full Version: Forum downtime
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For some reason yet to be identified, over the past couple of days the domains on our server became unavailable to the general Internet. The DNS settings do not appear to have been changed but the authoritative domain name directory we maintain stopped responding to everyone's browsers. Some people have had limited access to the forums and others may still be waiting for them to come back.

Meanwhile, all of our email passes through Xenite.Org, which remains offline. We're not sure if notifications are going out or if people are able to contact us. It may be another 1-2 days before this is all sorted out.
We have not really identified the source of the DNS failures. As I write this images are still not loading from the Xenite.Org image server but I'm not too concerned about that. It will decrease some of the traffic in our internal advertising network but it needs to be upgraded anyway.

Unfortunately we had to rebuild our DNS system almost from scratch and that mean that we have had to wait 1-3 days for the changes to propagate across the Internet. It may be up to 2 weeks before some people can see these forums again.