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Full Version: "Seeking A Friend for the End of the World" - My Thoughts
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Went and saw this incredible movie last night expecting a comedy and instead found a really great exploration of the theme of what people would do if they knew for certain that the world was about to end. Steve Carrell proved he has the acting chops to carry a concept film from start to finish, but it certainly did not hurt to see him share the screen with Keira Knightley and Martin Sheen (and I didn't even know Sheen would be in the movie).

There are many touching scenes and many disturbing scenes in the movie. This has to be one of the most brilliant science fiction screenplays to be put in production in recent years.

Unfortunately the movie seems to have bombed at the box office. Going up against "Brave" (which I have now all but decided NOT to watch in the theater) I don't think "Seeking A Friend" ever had a real chance of succeeding at the box office but this movie may well become a cult classic, perhaps even favored in science fiction studies.

I really urge people to go see it. The movie is surprisingly very straight-forward. There are no gimmicks and the gags are relatively few and not nearly bad enough to ruin the movie. If anything much of the humor is quite subtle, and in at least one scene even perplexing (it has to do with car keys but I'll say no more).

This movie tugs on every emotional heart string in your soul but the ending is perfect. I wouldn't change a thing.
I went into this one with low expectations, not considering Steve Carrell worth watching. My Daughters wanted to go and I'm the only driver. Pleasant Surprise! Carrell showed abilities I never suspected that he had. (I'm reminded of the time I first saw ENEMY OF THE STATE and came out saying Wow! Will Smith CAN Act!)
Knightley was awesome as usual. The scene with William Petersen was well handled. A thought-provoking Cult Classic Indeed. Later Kind Folks--Paul
I chatted with a friend of mine about the movie and he is a big Steve Carrell fan. He feels like Carrell is underrated by so many people because they only think of him as a comedic actor. That's a shame because he clearly has the chops to take on serious roles.
That's what I was saying about Will Smith. Before Enemy of the State, all his stuff was Fresh Prince--ish. Enemy was the turning point that showed his "chops" and he is now a fine actor. He's paid his dues and has come into his own. I hope the same kind of thing happens with Carrell. We have lost too many fine actors recently. We need more to step up and provide quality. :clap: Later Kind Folks----Paul
In an entirely unrelated topic that nonetheless fits here, I was reading about "Superman Returns" on IMDB last night and came across this gem: "Will Smith was offered the role of Superman/Clark Kent but declined, saying: 'You mess up white peoples' heroes in Hollywood, you'll never work in this town again!'"

Some other actors probably would have taken the role. I think there was, actually, a black Superman in one version of the comics, so they could have done it and I don't think the fans would have been that upset. Still, he is shrewd about which properties he accepts.