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Full Version: Russian editions of Andre's work
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Hello Kind Folks,

I just thought I would let you all know that I am vigorously working on a massive amount of data concerning Russian editions of Andre's work and I will begin posting them ASAP. I have received over 250 listings with cover art from Mike Grimm, because most of the Russian books are Omnibus editions with up to six titles in it, It will probably be about 1000 new listings when I'm done. For yes - I intend to list an edition on all titles that are in it w/ cover-art.
Promise it is coming real soon.

Oh and as soon as I get bibliographic info on estate sanctioned e-books they will get listed also - hopefully w/ cover-art.

Are you talking about the recent Russian reprints? I hope that the artwork matches the books. A lot of my Russian editions have cover art that does not match the contents. For example, an omnibus containing 3 or 4 of the "Magic" books has the cover art from TO THE KING A DAUGHTER. Go figure Later--Paul:book:
Paul Goode Wrote:Are you talking about the recent Russian reprints?l


I finished the project early this year, and included everything i found on the Russian site at the time. Since my work was based on someone else's, it may or may not be complete. Any new titles released later this year were not on there.

I still have a couple of countries to research and send on to Jay, and a lead on some new Polish editions of Witch World, which apparently won't actually be published till summer.

And as of this moment I am 80% done, going thru what Mike sent me and converting it to the format of my site. I was a little off with my estimate of total listings. I have, for the most part, reached the end of all the omnibus editions on mikes list. Out of 190 of Mike's listing I have reached 418 separate listings, so I figure there is about 80 more to add to the total. All most done with this part, wont take to much to drop the data into my site with images. Will have thumbprint link for each cover since Mike went through so much to collect them.

I do believe people (on this side of the planet) will find the cover-art rather interesting, there is one in particular cover that really tickles me - Just Because - It is for an edition titled "Solar Queen" but has the "USS Enterprise 1701" from "Star Trek" on it.

Info ~~ "Plague Ship" combined with "Sargasso of Space", "Voodoo Planet" and "Postmarked the Stars", (1992) Published in Zelenograd by Zelenogradskaya Books, 5-863-14005-4, HC 608pg ~ and also Published in Angarsk by Amber, 5-883-58016-5, PB, 480pg ~ Russian title Королева Солнца [Solar Queen]


That's just a teaser - for those of you who actually care - LOL ( I Know you all do):p

Of course we care. We can't always review each cover. But it is plenty funny when the art for one book is used on another.
Just an Update,

Vigorously banging away at the Russian edition info. Have 149 titles, w/ 493 total listings and 224 new images. I'm finished formatting it all to work on my site. I plan to start putting info and images on site pages this weekend. (might take a couple of weekends) we shall see.

Just a Quick update. 46 titles uploaded with Russian info (letters A thru J so far) Images are great - many more to come.:bug:
Up to "Q" now, the rest will come soon.

Jerrie, cute when pithy
Hello Kind Folks,

Well after what seems like an eternity, (approx. 150 hours) of formatting text & images, then loading info on pages and uploading to the actual website, I am finally done with the Russian & ebook edition listings. I still have to fix the labeling on 6 images. But I am done. TFG
Enjoy - for the Russian artwork is very interesting.

Next addition - posting the various illustrations that appear within some editions. But that will be a little at a time. I need a break. LOL

I'm sure this will make my occasional browse through the site even more interesting.

:hello: Thanks!

Now you know why it took me so long to find all of that info for you. Add to that trying to figure out translations with Google and trying to figure out which story or book from which it was translated.

Well Taliesin,

I hope you approve of how I butchered your work to make it match my site.