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Full Version: March 3-4 weekend server outages
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There were at least two extended server outages this past weekend. As best I could determine, both outages were due to the hosting provider's NOC-wide outage. Our server was probably just fine.

I have noticed that Sectorlink sometimes goes down during the winter. I believe their operations center is located in great northern midwest United States, although I have no idea of what their weather was like this weekend.

Unfortunately, it's no cheap or simple task to move SF-Fandom to another server. This forum has such a huge database that it would require a dedicated server. And both Xenite.Org and SF-Fandom are starting to pick up in traffic again, which would also make it difficult to host them on low-cost virtual hosting plans.

Hopefully, we're done with the outages for now. I just thought people deserved some sort of explanation of what happened.

I usually acknowledge the server outages on the SF-Fandom Twitter account.