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Full Version: The day to read SCARFACE
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Today is International TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY. Grab your copy of Scarface and read it. Good of an excuse as any(if one is necessary) to pick up a good Norton book. Later Kind Folks--Paul:book:
Aye, me hearties, there's the spirit. Weigh anchor and set sail for Tortuga. Treasure be waiting for ye between the covers of this book. Later Kind Folks--Paul
Aaarrrggh! to you to.

I haven't read that one in a while. Though I just re-read RALESTONE LUCK (on my nook) while visiting my parents.

There are other books by Andre Norton with Pirates, Privateers, and (of course) Space Pirates.

Can you name them?
Off the top of my head:
Yankee Privateer
Zero Stone
Uncharted Stars
Sargasso of Space
The X Factor
and maybe Sword in Sheath?

Later Kind Folks--Paul:wink::question:

Of course we add SCAREFACE and RALESTONE LUCK to the list.

I'd have to think hard to do better than this..... I don't think that Highwaymen or open rebellion would count.
I had forgotten that Ralestone had pirates and It has been way, way ,way too long since I've read Storm to even think about its characters:o. That book has just moved to the top of my Norton reread list. Thanks Irene.
Later Kind Folks--Paul

I didn't mention Scarface because that was already mentioned in the thread.
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