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Full Version: Saucy Emma Watson settles for love close to home
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Well, boys, your hearts should be breaking about now. Just in case you have been living in the cinema, unable to break free of the last "Harry Potter" movie (aside: See my probing article in the Daily Prophet: "Is Harry Potter Really Finished?"), lovely Emma Watson has finally taken a semi-permanent fancy to her beau of the last few months, Johnny Simmons.

It seems just only yesterday the lovely Emma was a lonely girl complaining that young men were too afraid to come up and talk to her. Maybe that was just a ploy to see if Simmons would rise to the challenge of invading her busy lifestyle (perhaps too many photo shoots were interfering with Ms. Watson's desultory social life?).

Whatever the truth behind the rumors, it seems that Johnny has pitched his tent where many another bloke would love to be: in the lofty reaches of Emma's father's London area home.

Of course, the REAL Hermione is happily married to Mr. Ronald Weasley, although the pair have occasionally been seen apart while Mr. Weasley supposedly "takes care of business" either in the company of long-time friend Harry Potter or on his own. The Prophet has been looking in THAT, let me tell you....