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OK - so this isn't quite within the web sites rules, but there are a couple of really interesting items on ebay today.

Andre Norton Escore Map on Ebay. AS: Andre Norton auction item - Witch World color print
Starting bid $40.
Description: WITCH WORLD PRINT. Copyright 1986 by Andre Norton, published by The Wizards' Nook, Inc and printed by Karlynn corp. Heavy board stock.
This item will be shipped rolled in a tube and is approx 24" x 20". It is from an auction I attended at Andre Norton's house. Auction receipt provided with item as authentication.

My notes confirm that this is the Mary Hanson-Roberts map:
THE AUTHORIZED MAPS OF THE W.W. Mary Hanson Roberts, illustrator. Copyright 1986, ANDRE NORTON, LTD. "Andre Norton's WITCH WORLD Published by The Wizards' Nook, Inc. Printed in the U.S.A. by Karlynn Corp.

If you decide to bid/purchase this item - I would grovel for NON-tube shipping, but as I remember this as just heavy paper stock, so a short time iin a tube won't be bad.
There is also : ANDRE NORTON Firehand ORIGINAL Cover Art, Walter Velez starting bid $800. I think this is just out of my wallet range.
There is also a copy of Murders for Sale on ebay now, but X-lib and somewhat scruffy, but a rare book. Listed under Allen Weston.
Wow. My search algorithm doesn't include Weston. I would never have found that.

This atribute for MURDERS FOR SALE is normal, so the price might even be in range for our members.

[PS: My copy was found through a cataloge of Mystery books, that a friendly book dealer/book searcher found for me.]

Re: Murders for Sale

The shipping charges, even from Australia, are excessive. Also, the seller does not have a very good rating.

Except for the above two factors, I would jump in on the bidding. (I'm not the bidder and am not trying to discourage bidding - just a note because I've been burned on Ebay before.)

I am generally leery about buying from overseas eBayers. Even if they're willing to take back an unsatisfactory item, it's clumsy and expensive to return it.
The MURDERS FOR SALE copy is only at AU$6 + AU$24 for shipping. (shaking her head) Well, I'm not looking for a copy right now, and this is definitely an X-Library, in not so great shape.
I only mention it because it is only the 4th copy I have seen for sale or otherwise. If it were not X-library and if the DJ were intact and nice, I'd think it is a $750-1,000 book.
You know, I just don't get paying that kind of price for a book that's readily available in another format (i.e., published as _Sneeze On Sunday_). The expensive edition doesn't even have the (award-winning) Ron Walotsky cover.

Jerrie, Cute When Baffled
Jerrie, one would have to be a serious collector, a completest for Andre Norton first editions, and be willing to shell out that amount of money for a rare book. Unless a book is unique and/or in manuscript form, almost all books can be obtained in cheaper reprint editions rather than in the first edition form. I would love to have a fine copy of The Hobbit, first UK edition, first impression, and in dust jacket too. But I am unwilling and unable to pay $50,000-$85,000 for the pleasure of owning a copy, so I have my paperback to read if I want to do so. It is an illness, I agree.

Then, one can argue if it is even useful to a society that those first editions continue to exist. If they were not worth $$$, they would probably not even exist 50 years after being published, as few would cherish them and keep them intact. As evidence of that, look at the paperback books at the local used book store, and the condition most are in, unless they are "collectible" and are kept for such reasons. Pretty bad shape in general. Most paper goods I have with no sentimental or monetary value end up in the recycle bin on a weekly basis. I assume that is the same for most of us.
Well, I gave it my best shot. Outbid at the end. I really would have liked to have it even though I have a copy of Sneeze on Sunday that Andre gave me inscribed, "To Paul Goode who has waited so long"
Later Kind Folks--Paul
There is another (or the same ? ) WW map on ebay.

It might be the same item. Now starting bid priced at $40+$6 shipping
There is also an "Oh my Ghoud" copy of RALESTONE LUCK on ebay.

It is lovely - and only $2,500. You should go to the site, just to see what an unbelieveable copy it is.
Sorry about that, everyone, I just assumed that everyone had already seen it. It's been there a few weeks. My signed copy is in just as good as shape but my jacket has a few chips around th edges, so I just looked and drooled. It has been there before. I once referred to it when I asked if anyone knew whose bookshelves that she had raided and to whom she had inscribed this copy. I am going to contact the sellers to see if they know. Later Kind Folks--Paul

Had that been "Prince" in that shape and price------:bg:
I received a reply from the dealer, He said that he used to know, but has forgotten. It might be in her diaries. Later Kind Folks--Paul
If it had been THE PRINCE COMMANDS, I would have tried to out-bid you..... but since I don't search ebay very often.

Oh well. Perhaps this RALESTONE LUCK is a copy from Roger Schlobin ? He divested his collection several years ago.

What Paul & I are discussing, for those following at home, is the full page inscription, to someone without a name. If the inscription was done when the book, was first written, well that was 1938. Who knows who gave her research material that far back.

Well if the dealer doesn't remember, I suppose we will never know. I doubt that the diaries for 1938 would go into that level of detail.

PS: This might be the UK edition. I will have to look at the title page in my own copy. Here's the link so that everyone can look at it.
You would not have had a chance to outbid me(had that been Prince), Irene that is a "Buy-it-Now" and I saw it a week or two ago. :bg: The inscription sounds like it might have referred to a dear friend or a neighbor who had a very open library, and maybe for pleasure as well as research. I believe that it is a 1938 inscription, but I cannot say as the inscription is not dated
The copy shown looks like Andre's beige/green letters copy. Mine is the green/black variant, but still a first. Later Kind Folks--Paul:book:
There aren't a great number of rarities, but the Heritage auction of Jerry Weist's scifi collection is almost finished. The Norton books are not the harder to find ones, but so far the prices are right, and they finish in about 8 hours from now. I sold my Winston scifi collection to him, and those were in the auction.
There is another Witch World map on ebay
RALESTONE LUCK is back on ebay for $2500 Right now I cannot tell if it is the same copy. Dealer located in Toledo Ohio
That is the same copy of Ralestone that has been there before. It has a better jacket than mine. and my copy is signed without inscription. The dealer didn't know to whom the book is inscribed. I'm guessing that it is to one of her neighbors in Cleveland.
As for the Witch World maps, have you ever noticed that the only ones for sale are the Escarp/Escore- bearing continent . The sister map showing High Hallack and Arvon never shows up? When the sale at the High Hallack library was going on, I noticed that there were several copies of the Escarp map but none of the other. I wonder-- why? I would bought a second set If they both had been there. I got my maps a Nolacon(Worldcon 1988) in New Orleans and got them signed at the first Magic Carpet Con. Later Kind folks--Paul:bg:
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