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Full Version: Michael Chabon signs deal to do script for Disney's "Magic Kingdom"
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As "Night at the Museum" proved (and "Zookeeper" failed to prove), the toys-in-boyland dream concept can be milked endlessly. In other words, Disney is going to bring its magical theme park world to life in "Magic Kingdom" and award-winning screenwriter Michael Chabon is going to put the magic into the movie (script).

I think this movie may free us from the threat of or condemn us to a ten-year odyssey in unimaginative movie-making where everything comes to life in different settings. SyFy may even be considering adapting the concept for a "kids" movie (heck, they might even launch a SyFyKids channel with shlocky movies based on the concept).

Disney, I think this is one movie project where I hope it fails. Sorry.