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Full Version: Pictures: Harry Potter people at Deathly Hallows 2 premiere in London, July 2011
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Here are a few recent pictures from the London premier (and maybe 1-2 others from events that I cannot place).

Helena Bonham Carter ("Bellatrix LeStrange")
[Image: hp-2011-helena-bonham-carter.jpg]

J.K. Rowling
[Image: hp-2011-jkr.jpg]

Clemence Poesy ("Fleur Delacour" / "Fleur Weasley")
[Image: hp-2011-clemence-01.jpg]

Clemence Poesy ("Fleur Delacour" / "Fleur Weasley")
[Image: hp-2011-clemence-02.jpg]

Emma Watson ("Hermione Granger")
[Image: hp-2011-emma-watson-01.jpg]

Emma Watson ("Hermione Granger")
[Image: hp-2011-emma-watson-02.jpg]

Emma Watson ("Hermione Granger" / "Hermione Weasley")
[Image: hp-2011-emma-watson-03.jpg]

Bonnie Wright ("Ginnie Weasley" / "Ginnie Potter")
[Image: hp-2011-bonnie-wright.jpg]

Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliff
[Image: hp-2011-emma-daniel.jpg]

Emma Watson and Rupert Grint
[Image: hp-2011-emma-rupert.jpg]