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Full Version: Farscape
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Hi - I just rewatched all 4 seasons of Farscape and the Peacekeeper Wars and was amazed once again by this wonderful series with the incredible writing and acting. I am mourning it's loss all over again. Anyone else out there still mourning the cancellation of Farscape?
Oh yeah. I'd love to see them bring it back, or launch a sequel in the same universe. Maybe we could see John, Aeryn, and their kids take on a whole new menace in space. But given how expensive the production was and SyFy's cost-cutting methods, we'd probably have to settle for more CGI/green screen than before.
There was talk of webisodes or some such but nothing ever came about of it. Again I think it was an issue of money and SciFi is very leery when it comes to investing in it's shows. Eureka is a current example. Warehouse 13 is pretty good but most of the shows are not sci fi or are reality based junk even on that channel.
People still say good things about Farscape, for what it's worth. I think maybe the problem is that SyFy is not challenged but its parent organization to define a successful genre formula for television. They're just chased through the numbers game like any other television network because no one has the courage to point out that they need to engage in good, old-fashioned market building. Farscape definitely went before its time.