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Full Version: Miyazaki releasing "Tales from EarthSea" in August
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The next film from legendary Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki ("Castle in the Sky", "Princess Mononoke", "Spirited Away", et. al.) will be "Tales from "Earthsea" based on the Ursula K. LeGuin book.

The movie is scheduled for release in the United States on August 13. See the SF-Fandom Calendar entry for "Tales From Earthsea".

I don't have any more information at this point.

When "Ponyo" came out last year it wasn't even shown in a theater near my home. I'll be lucky to see "Tales from Earthsea" in a theater but if I miss it I'll be sure to buy the DvD/Blu-Ray.
I would have thought this announcement would have gathered some comments. Have we discussed it before?

I love the Miyazaki films. My girlfriend introduced me to them. I think we have most of them now.

His work is absolutely incredible, in my opinion.
Hasn't this film been out for ages? I'm sure I've seen the DVD in the shops. I'm guessing it's only coming to the US now then? From what I hear, it bears nothing more than a passing resemblance to LeGuin's books.
I am sure the Japanese language version has been out for some time. This release is for the English-language version.

And, yes, Miyazaki does take books through the usual reinterpretation that occurs with nearly all dramatic adaptations. His rendition of "Howl's Moving Castle" has been criticized for doing that.

Nonetheless, the movies in themselves are nothing short of amazing. They really go the extra mile in developing an interesting story that stands on its own merits. People who are not familiar with the original stories enjoy Miyazaki films immensely and even many readers of original books appreciate the films.