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Full Version: 3 Stooges marathon on AMC, on what else but...April Fool's Day!
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Th. April 1st on AMC:

9:00 AM - A-Plumbing We Will Go: Plumber Stooges flood a garden party. One of the best - look for the lady trying to turn on her new tevevison (in 1940!) - "I'm sure I'll get it in a minute!"
9:27 AM Micro-Phonies : Plumber Stooges audition for a radio show. The stunning Christine McIntyre sings "Voice of Spring," Curly dresses in drag as a grand diva prima donna, and the 3 boys lip-sync the Sextet from "Lucia."
9:58 AM - Boobs in Arms: The boys unwittingly enlist in the Army. Curly trying to do the Manual of Arms is classic.
10:25 AM - Grips, Grunts and Groans: Curly must enter the wrestling ring.
10:54 AM - An Ache in Every Stake: Icemen Stooges cater a birthday dinner. Curly separates two eggs, then shaves the ice. The long stairs up the hillside are in the same neighborhood as the ones for used by Laurel and Hardy for their classic "Music Box" film.
11:22 AM - The Three Troubledoers : Curly becomes a sheriff. The scrumptious Christine McIntyre at age 35 sings in this one too!
11:47 AM - Loco Boy Makes Good: A mouse helps Curly save a hotel from bankruptcy.
12:14 PM - Violent Is the Word for Curly: The boys are mistaken for professors. This is the one where they sing "Swingin' the Alphabet," as well as the one where they have to thaw Curly out out after having fallen asleep in an ice truck.
12:42 PM - Yes, We Have No Bonanza: The boys prospect for gold.
1:06 PM - Three Little Pigskins : Stooges are football players. Look for a very young blonde Lucille Ball as a gangster's moll.
1:34 PM - Disorder in the Court : The boys are murder witnesses. Curley taking the witness stand, and simultaneously trying to remove his hat with one hand, hold on to his cane with another, plus raise his right hand and place his left hand on the Bible is classic!
2:01 PM - Men in Black: Intern Stooges err fatally; guest Billy Gilbert. This was nominated for an Oscar. Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine,. Dr. Howard.... Seriously!
2:28 PM - Three Missing Links : Curly dons a gorilla suit for a movie.
2:55 PM - Dizzy Detectives : Cop Stooges meet an explosive gorilla.
3:24 PM - Half-Wits Holiday : A professor bets he can turn the boys into gentlemen. This was a remake of Hoi Polloi below, and uses a lot of stock pie-fight footage. This was Curly's last film.
3:51 PM - Some More of Samoa : A millionaire asks the boys to save a tree.
4:18 PM - Pardon My Scotch : Scots Stooges bootleg Scotch.
4:46 PM - Hoi Polloi: A professor bets he can turn the boys into gentlemen.
5:14 PM - Sock-a-Bye-Baby : The trio finds a baby on the doorstep.
5:41 PM - Goofs and Saddles: Wild-west Stooges must bring in outlaws dead or alive.
6:07 PM - A Pain in the Pullman: The boys wreak havoc on a train.
6:37 PM - Slippery Silks : The boys break a Ming vase. This is the one where they inherit the Madame de France dress design salon, before things degenerate into a cream puff fight.
7:05 PM - Three Sappy People : As psychiatrists, the boys treat a playgirl.
7:32 PM - Three Little Pirates : The marooned trio is condemned. Curly's health was deteriorating, but he does an aweosme job with their classic "Maja? Hah?" routine.
Awww, I like the Stooges, but I prefer the Marx Brothers.
You're in luck!

Turner Classic Movies has not one but six (!) Marx Bros. films on tonight!

8:00 PM - Monkey Business: Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo stow away on an ocean liner and try not to get caught.

9:30 PM - Horse Feathers: In an effort to beef up his school's football team, a college president mistakenly recruits two loonies.

10:45 PM - Duck Soup: Spies intervene when Freedonia's prime minister declares war on nearby Sylvania.

12:00 AM - A Night at the Opera: Groucho, Chico and Harpo go to Italy and bring opera and its patrons down to their level.

2:00 AM - A Day at the Races: Dr. Hugo Hackenbush and friends upset a steeplechase and more.

4:00 AM - At the Circus: Groucho, Chico and Harpo shoot a society matron out of a cannon and try to save a circus.

All times EDT.
Perfect, I'm feeling a cold coming on now!