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Full Version: The Spectre Animated Short w/Crisis on Two Earths
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Quote:Source: Comics Continuum
Warner Home Video has announced that the first DC Showcase animated short will be The Spectre and it will accompany Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.

Although the "Crisis On Two Earths" project didn't excite me very much, in spite of a great cast, this goes a long way to getting me interested in the DVD release. I'll likely buy the 2-Disc release now, where I likely wouldn't have before. Smart move by DC if there's dozens/hundreds/thousands of people out there that will also consider buying this due to the extra content.

Written by Steve Niles, who often writes gritty horror comics, the Spectre short will feature voice work by Gary Cole and Alyssa Milano and, presumably, other less notable folks. :bg:

The Spectre is a supernatural character, generally described as the embodiment or executor of God's wrath, or simply the spirit of vengeance. He was created by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily in 1940 (Siegel being a co-creator of Superman, as well). Notable as one of the first members of the Justice Society of America, like many of DC's golden age characters, he's become something of a fringe character that no one's sure what to do with, and those that want to use the character tend to misuse him, IMO.