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Full Version: Email problems still happening
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I'm still unable to email people from the forum - I get a message asking if I've logged in (I am) and whether or not I've forgotten my password. Can this be fixed or can someone explain what's going on?
Many thanks in advance,
Mac, the same thing happens to me, but the e-mails seem to be getting to the recipient just fine.Smile

There is a bug in the script.

Maciliel, please let me know if you received the email I sent to you. I saw a screen which said it had indeed been sent, and then I was prompted for my own email address as if I had lost my password.

I'll discuss this with Dixie.
Michael the same thing happens to me every time I use the forum email, however the emails usually go through fine. Not always, but most of the time, but I get that script every time.