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Full Version: New Emma Watson photoshoot shows more mature, thoughtful Emma
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She said she would not do anything smarmy and so far Emma has held to her word. Still, the young actress is growing up and she has now posed for a more mature (in style -- not revealing anything) photo layout.

You can see the images on The Mirror's site.

The pictures were done for the French magazine Crash. I'm sure they'll be gracing Emma fan sites everywhere very soon.
"It's one of Emma's most stylish and sexy shoots yet ..."

Hmmm... umm... if your idea of sexy is a young woman made up to look like a pale, hungry, depressed 12-year-old boy! :poke: :bounce:
I don't think of those kids as "sexy" but I guess they are growing up and some people's ideas of "sexy" differ from mine.

Emma seems to have displayed more integrity than many actresses her age, which I think is extremely difficult given the opportunities for trouble someone in her position must be presented with.