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Full Version: Swine Flu: Are You Frightened?
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How serious do you think this swine flu thing is? Do you expect a worldwide pandemic? Or do you think this is being blown out of proportion?
One paranoid person I know believes this is a ploy to get our minds off of the disastrous world economic situation - sort of a "Wag the Dog" play.
Hi Elda! Long time, no see. Big Grin

As a cashier who lives and works five miles from Juarez, Mexico, and is frequently in contact with people from that city, I do have my concerns about getting sick. A quick search on Google told me that there are four suspected cases there. I've always been a germophobe, so I keep sanitizer on hand, even more so now. That's all I can really do, I guess, unless I either quit work and lock myself in my room (I do have a lot of reading to catch up on), or move far, far away. I favor the second option, I just lack the means to follow through with it.

I don't know that I expect a pandemic, but I think it is prudent to prepare like there will be one, to not be caught so off guard that any more human life be lost. Perhaps preparation will also head off the virus, before it has a chance to reach pandemic levels.

I'm never thrilled about these things, being something of a hypochondriac, and there was a case confirmed in Indiana today, so that doesn't help my frame of mind. :bg:

I just read that of all the cases reported in the US so far, only a few have required hospitalization. One article described the confirmed cases in Canada as "mild." So far Cuba is the only nation to actually cut off travel to Mexico unless it's absolutely necessary. It's a little easier for them to isolate themselves now since they're an island, of course.

Apparently many of the students at the New York school where if first broke out in the US had been down in Cancun over spring break! Talk about unfortunate...

Not even a little.

Remember the SARS panic a few years back?

The plain old flu kills a few thousand Americans per year. This is a new strain, but it's not all that big a deal, looking at the big picture.

Cover your mouth when you cough, don't share a straw with any migrant fruit pickers, and if you do feel flulike symptoms, call your doctor.
So very nice to see you, Elda.

Hmm...I am not really afraid.
But I do feel some concern.
These things can become dangerous.
But so far they have not found anyone here in Sweden
that have got it.
They expect the will find someone soon...though.
A flu is a flu is a flu.

Have you read the actual warning material about the "swine" flu? Their big worry is that it's a new strand of the flu and so anyone vaccinated for the flu won't be protected against it. And yet the vaccines only "protect" against a few strands of the thousands out there anyway.

Seriously, I think all this hype is being paid for by the pharmaceutical companies wanting to boost their sales for the end of the fiscal year. That's my conspiracy theory and I'm sticking to it.
Just remember to sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" as you wash your hands.:hello:
There haven't actually been 160 people killed by this flu in Mexico, they now say. It was fear that evidently caused them to overestimate by blaming way too many deaths on swine flu that were actually unrelated. And most of the people who've died overall, unfortunate though it is, seem to have had preexisting conditions that factored in. Most of the illness also seems directly tied to Mexico, through travel and such. And the strain-which they say has actually been around for about 11 years and originated on a hog farm in one of the Carolinas-has not mutated, which would be a cause for true concern.

I was talking about this with someone early on in the sitch, trying to figure out if there really was reason for concern, and I posed the question of this being used as a "diversion," but who knows.
Doncoriel Wrote:I was talking about this with someone early on in the sitch, trying to figure out if there really was reason for concern, and I posed the question of this being used as a "diversion," but who knows.

I wouldn't be surprised, Doncoriel , if that were the case. In this state, however, I have a suspicion that it's being used more as an excuse to take some time off the end of the school year. When Mass. waived the mandatory minimum number of school days in swine flu cases, suddenly schools were closing for a week left and right.

My niece's daughter may or may not have had it ( on the way to the movies today, I jokingly asked her if she had the swine flu when she was sick last Monday. She said that she "had a fever" Sunday night, but was told she had to stay out of school all week.)

(Of course, anyone who read about that Aqua Teen Hunger Force "attack"
in Boston 2 years ago knows that we never overreact around here!) :help: :bounce:
Heh...yeah, that ATHF thing was a real joke.
Boomstick Wrote:Heh...yeah, that ATHF thing was a real joke.

The best part was that the "light brights" had been up for a day or two without was a case of folks covering their a$#@es once they had been informed. It was sooooo stupid! :roll:, the best part was seeing the local news stations preempting daytime shows with no news about a city shut down for no reason. :goodjob: