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Full Version: Natasha Richardson - Richardson's family gathers at New York hospital
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I just heard about this. Richardson is actor Liam Neeson's wife. They met on the set of Nell.

[indent]Natasha Richardson's family has gathered at a New York hospital, where the actress was taken after reportedly suffering a serious brain injury in a fall during a ski lesson at Mont Tremblant.

The British actress was on a beginner hill Monday afternoon when she fell.

After not initially showing signs of injury, Richardson reported feeling unwell about an hour after the incident.

She was first brought to the Centre Hospitalier Laurentien in Ste-Agathe before being transferred to Sacre Coeur Hospital in Montreal.

She is now at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, and while her condition is unknown, reports say she is suffering from a serious brain injury.[/indent]
I just read this BBC article that said the Liam Neeson's publicist announced her death around midnight GMT.

What's especially heartbreaking in this case is that allegedly she appeared to be fine after the initial accident. It's a very bizarre case. I can't imagine what kind of tumble would result in a delayed reaction like that.

Perhaps Mike can shed some light on that for us.
I believe it was head trauma, but yes MQM would be better able to advise on this.

I heard the news yesterday evening that she had been pronounced dead. My condolences to her family and friends.
It's too bad to hear this news. I feel sorry for her extended family. Thoughts with the family and friends.
Epidural hematoma (sp?) is what they said it was. Bleeding between the skull and brain, apparently.
RobRoy Wrote:My condolences to her family and friends.
Ditto - especially for her children.