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Full Version: race to witch mountain
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What do you think of the trailer?
I havent seen or heard anything about it but a little research showed it based on or a remake of the original Disney 'Race to Witch Mountain and its sequal 'Return to Witch mountain' both of which I saw as a child.
I hope it stays fairly close the original story line.
I'd heard of the movie, but didn't realize that Dwayne Johnson was in it. I, of course, saw both Tony and Tia films in the theater. Escape must have been a re-release, as I was alive when it was released, but only two at the time. I'm fairly certain I don't have that good of a memory.

Here's the trailer for anyone interested. I wasn't able to view it from my office, so let me know if there is any problems.
It's kind of a screwy setup with the popups and all, but maybe that's just Google Chrome (not the best browser I've ever used, but it does load pages faster than any other browser).

The preview looks interesting but it seems they have reworked the basic storyline considerably.