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Full Version: Spidey and friends
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Wouldn't it be neat to see a movie about Spidey, Iceman and Firestar? They could have the same actor as one who star in the X-men and Tobey MacGuire as Spidey. I wonder who would make a good Firestar though... I suggestions. I was hoping not for Lindsay Logan or Hillary Duff or Jessica Alba.
It would be interesting to see, but I doubt if they'd do a feature of it! Maybe some kind of DVD extra, that'd be cool.

Apparently they wanted to use The Human Torch from Fantastic Four on Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, but his television rights were tied up elsewhere, so they created the character of Firestar.

The guy who played Iceman in the X-Men movies was ok, but they could have done better, I think. He was more like Iceboy than Iceman.

As for Firestar, so long as they gave her the flaming red hair, they could cast any hottie in the role! :bg: