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Full Version: Snyder screens Watchmen clips
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Spoilers only if you haven't read the comic book. Otherwise, extensive details at Sci-Fi Wire. For the first time I am VERY excited about this - it sounds exactly like I remember the comic, and looks awesome. This is a perfect example of using less expensive leads who are nonetheless competent actors and instead devoting the budget to the sfx.
What....? I was hoping for new trailer footage and clips.

I'm new to the franchise. Never read the novel, but research tells me it's a wicked superhero drama for adults. Something, in other words, I wish I ad written.
I'm sure those will all turn up online soon. The trailer that's already out is here. Assorted "behind the scenes" videos are here. And the site is at .

Here's a shot of this world's equivalent of the Justice Society, the Minutemen:

[Image: Watchmen_Minutemen.jpg]

The 1940 Minutemen (left to right): Apollonia Vanova as Silhouette, Niall Mater as Mothman, Dan Payne as Dollar Bill, Clint Carleton as the original Nite Owl, Daryl Scheeler as Captain Metropolis, Carla Gugino as the original Silk Spectre, Glenn Ennis as Hooded Justice and (kneeling) Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Comedian.

That really is exactly like an image from the comic! :clap:
Man, I wish we could get Carla (Silk Spectre I) squeezed into the Silk Spectre II outfit. She's still scorchingly hot, even though she's supposed to be the mom of Silk Spectre II.

I'm seriously psyched about this flick, even though didn't read the original work.
Even if some fans complain, which is inevitable, they won't be able to deny that visually, they hit the nail right on the head.

The only costume I'm aware that they've changed is Ozymandius. I can think of two reasons; first his costume would look very dated, secondly it featured lots of gold, which is very reflective and never looks good on screen.