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Full Version: Marvel promotes comics with TV commercial
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This was news to me: I just found out that Marvel launched a television commercial promoting their summer comic book series "Secret Invasion."

You can view the commercial on YouTube.

Clearly they're relying on the "what the heck is that?!" factor to getting people to visit the website it promotes,

I don't understand their timing on this, because the whole event has already started. In fact, it's been brewing so long, the prospect of trying to bring even casual comics readers, much less people who don't typically read comics, is absurd.

Also, the kind of people who watch minor league baseball on ESPN2 at 8pm on a Tuesday (the ad premiered there) aren't likely to run out and buy comic books.

An odd choice by Marvel.

If you want the gory details, check out this write up about Marvel's promotional push at Comic Book Resources.
Maybe they're testing the concept.
I've always thought we should simply embrace the Skrull. I mean so what if they're point-eared gremlins from another planet?

Can't we all just get along?
This writer has presented a better breakdown. He concludes the entire effort was ineffective.
Pitching comic books to sports fans. I don't know. I would think people are more in a comic book state of mind if they are watching G4, Spike, or SciFi. But maybe the marketing people were testing a new demographic just to see what would happen.

Having a broken Web site does seem to have been helpful.