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Full Version: Queen Margrethe of Denmark to write a screenplay
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No news on the budget. I wonder if she ponied up for it herself?
I doubt she would be asked to fund a film. She is distinguished enough that I believe financial backing would be available without her having to dip into vanity film-making.
Ack! I had the wrong country in the thread subject. Queen Margrethe is Queen of Denmark, not The Netherlands.

Mea culpa!

Here's a message I received privately regarding this thread (I don't think the sender will mind my posting it).

[indent]Some FYI since I got a Google alert for the thread on this. It is not the Queen of the Netherlands who is doing the Hans Christian Andersen film. It is the Queen of Denmark! HC Anderson is/was Danish. The Netherlands regent is Queen Beatrix (very, very rich on Shell Oil shares). The Danish Queen and royal family is not anywhere near so rich and she has a government grant to make the film with JJFilms/Jacob Joergensen. Hans Christian Andersen is a Danish national treasure and is strongly supported by the Danish Royal Family, within the education system, the government and all sorts of private enterprises.

Did you know that Hans Christian Andersen is more translated into other languages that The Bible? 'Tis true. Queen Margrethe (pronounced Mar-grey-tah) is an artistic type. She paints, does the monograms of the family, has translated Simone de Beauvoir from French to Danish, has illustrated Danish editions of Tolkein, does scenography and costume design for ballets, does embroidery of church decorations and bishop's robes and lots of other stuff.

The Queen's bio on the DRF website (English version):[/indent]