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Full Version: Silver Surfer rumors debunked
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Apparently there has been speculation that director Alex Proyas ("Dark City", "I, Robot", and other films) was being considered to direct the rumored "Silver Surfer" spinoff from the Fantastic Four film franchise.

However, last month at Comic Con Proyas told MTV he had no interest in working with Fox (which holds the film franchise rights from Marvel) because of the way they treated "I, Robot". He was also critical of Fox's handling of the Silver Surfer character in the second FF movie.

I have to admit that I was disappointed in the way they portrayed both the Silver Surfer and Galactus. Even the movie-inspired game seemed to introduce Galactus in the same way that the comics did (I base that opinion on promos I saw for the game, nothing more).

It seems to me that this franchise could use a reboot (the first film was fantastic, in my opinion). If they just leave the second film's decisions in the dark, they can move forward with a new Fantastic Four adventure that is more faithful to the main characters AND with a Silver Surfer story that explores his character more in line with what was shown in the comics.

Proyas said he thought the Silver Surfer was one of the last cool super heroes to be drawn into the movies. The Silver Surfer was definitely complex, but as I recall he never enjoyed mainstream reader success. At least he didn't when I was collecting comics many years ago.
I still haven't seen FF2, but I knew if Surfer was in it, they'd have to touch on Galactus, and they'd never be able to do him justice.

I thought the first movie did a great job of juggling four characters and a villain, but somehow the tone was wrong. Other than Michael Chicklis as The Thing, I think the actors were miscast. I mean, I love looking at Jessica Alba, but when I think "Sue Storm," her image isn't what comes to mind.

Marvel should do one of their animated features with the Fantastic 4, I think it'd do the characters better service. Galactus, for example, could work fine.
If I wasn't a 'fan' I'd have said that the ending of FF2 was a bit weak. Lots of build up, impending distaster, Earth coming to an end etc and then, oops, blinked and missed it.

As a 'fan' you would have to say that the treatment/depiction of Galactus and the final confrontation between him and the Surfer was a complete travesty. They could have added another half hour to the film, re-arranged the story and had a proper confrontation - Galactus vs the Surfer and the FF. And we could have had the 'proper' Galactus. Cold, imperious, driven by hunger and need. What we got was... a big space cloud?! It was just so very disappointing. I guess they ran out of money or something. Confusedad:

It's a shame, because I like the characters and I like the interaction and playfulness, but the films seem to have been treated with disdain. They are light hearted and more family/child orientated sure, but that doesn't mean that quality control and respect for the characters and story (and audience for that matter) has to be thrown out the window.
It is too bad, but I think like another of Jack Kirby's cosmic baddies, Darkseid, he just doesn't translate well to live action. He's too big. None the less, at least try, right!
The Silver Surfer was well done. The rest of the movie suffered from being the same as FF1. It was ok. Definately DVD worthy. Nothing more.
Darkseid could be done right. But it would take a special combination of director and actor. He cannot be cold and distant. He has to be up front, there in your face. Every time Darkseid enters a scenario the whole theme changes.
Michael Wrote:Darkseid could be done right. But it would take a special combination of director and actor. He cannot be cold and distant. He has to be up front, there in your face. Every time Darkseid enters a scenario the whole theme changes.

How would you go about it, visually, though? He's not huge like Galactus, so he could be done, but do you think his stone-like face could be done well? I guess they made Mickey Rourke look just like Marv in Sin City, so anything is possible as far as effects, but would the audience buy it?

I think we'll find out sooner or later.

BTW, I was reading up on it this morning, and apparently Galactus was supposed to be introduced more conventionally in the Silver Surfer movie. Go figure.
I think it could be done well with CGI. I'm not sure they need prosthetics. I would not want to see it done completely with CGI, but certainly not completely with prosthetics.

I suppose deferring Galactus' visuals helped keep the budget under control.