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Full Version: Please excuse this service announcement
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Many of us search ebay in our need to seek out Andre Norton books.

I have an email warning for all of us.

I received an email that claimed to be from ebay asking me to go to a web page and enter my name, password and credit information.


If you get a message like this, please confirm with ebay that it is real before you enter any information.

Thank you, this has been a service announcement from your moderator. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programs.
Acutally, Ebay's communications (at least their email ) explictly state that they NEVER ask for stuff like passwords, so if you get something like that, report it immediately to EBAY and your local scam/abuse contact.

Paul B.
I got a very odd e-mail from someone claiming to be the daughter of Andre's former accountant (now deceased), offering old letters and tax returns, etc. Needless to say, I did not reply.

Also, I cannot raise the Andre Norton webpage lately. Does anyone know what's up with it?

You did exactly right. Anything with Andre Norton's signature that pertains to tax records should belong to Andre Norton.

As for the Andre Norton Web page. Greg Kepa is the current moderator.
He tried to publish to the site and was unable to reach the server. He is contacting Matt Zaleski, who is owner of the site. This was in an email dated Friday May 30 @ 8 am.

I'd like to appear omnipotent, but this was in response to my request to remove my email address as the address was attracting SPAM.