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Full Version: Am I the only one w/ posting problems?
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I know there were lots of posting problems when the server first came back up, so I have just been patiently biding time until things seemed to be sorted out. But at this point it seems like I'm the only one still having problems posting, staying logged in between posts, logging in w/ cookies each time I return, etc, etc... I have a little list.

My question is: What am I doing wrong, and/or Who should I email about this?
I have my best people (person) working on this right now. If you aren't contacted in the next 48 hours, please send me an email and let me know.
Many thanks -- Dixie got me fixed up in a jiffy! I feel like I'm back in the ol' club again. And I just realized I started this thread in the wrong section of the General Feedback forum - apologies.