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Full Version: Leader rails at teen breast implants gift fad
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CARACAS (Reuters) - President Hugo Chavez railed against a new trend in beauty-conscious Venezuela, giving girls breast implants for their 15th birthday.

"Now some people think, 'My daughter's turning 15, let's give her breast enlargements.' That's horrible. It's the ultimate degeneration," Chavez said late on Sunday on his weekly TV show that lasted a record eight hours.

Venezuela is well known for its beauty queens, who have regularly won world crowns, and many women have plastic surgery in the oil-rich country where there is widespread spending on consumer items that would be considered luxuries elsewhere.

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How much is a ticket to Venezuala?
Quote:if girls do get the enlargements they are not expected to become sexually active afterward.

Huh?!? do what?!? What does that mean? :question: :twitch

Given my tiny knowledge of the subject, implants for healthy teen girls strikes me as a horrible idea. They seldom look natural under the best circumstances. Furthermore, as the woman ages, & perhaps, I dunno, as the implants themselves reside longer, things get, ugh, quite a bit less attractive.

Furthermore, I've observed that when cosmetic surgeries become trendy and fashionable & a lucrative market develops, all sorts of unqualified & unscrupulous operators come out of the woodwork offering cut-rate work (no pun intended. Okay, maybe a little...) to the masses chafing on waiting lists & saving up. The one thing a healthy normal young woman needs less than breast implants are poorly done, cheap breast implants.

Quote:Chavez, the anti-U.S., self-styled revolutionary who came to office in 1999, is seeking to change those attitudes to create what he calls the "new man" to build a socialist society in this South American nation

Yeah, right. That's what socialism tries to do, change or deny human nature, while free enterprise works with it. So long as Chavez has to win elections, don't hold your breath.
Girls at 15 aren't finished growing. This is true even for sweet, succulent Latinas ripening under the hot tropical sun. If they were 18, it would be different. But 15-yr-olds are barely into puberty.

In the interests of international relations, and the health of young people, I offer my services as Chief Inspector of Pubescent Latinas. Through vigilant examination, I will determine the need for augmentation, or the lack thereof.

It won't be easy. But service to the world community rarely is. Sacrifices must often be made.