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Full Version: Fred Saberhagen Passes
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I read in the paper two days ago that Fred Saberhagen had passed away at the age of 77. There were no details. Does anyone know any more? I enjoyed his Berserker and his Swords/Lost Swords books. I was in the audience at a panel discussion at Dragoncon '89. The panel had Anne McCaffrey, Fred Saberhagen, Robert Asprin, Brad Strickland, and Brad Linaweaver(sp). The lady next to me in the audience pointed Fred out to me and said proudly, "That's my husband" . I pulled out my autograph book and had her sign it. After the panel, the members went out the autograph tables and we all lined up. When I got up to Saberhagen' s spot I handed him my autograph book opened to the page that his wife had just signed. He was delighted and thanked me for the kindness. He was a very nice person and a darn fine writer. He will be missed Later kind Folks--PaulCry
That's a nice story you have Paul.

How sad. One of the first major fantasy authors that I read post Tolkien was Saberhagen. I read his Swords, Lost Swords and more recently his Gods series.

He will certainly be missed, and I send condolences to his family.