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Full Version: Just a couple of Herc/Kev questions
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I've just finished watching all of the Herc seasons in order (feel a bit teary now)!!

Anyway, one thing that I may have blinked and missed which has kinda bugged me since......

in the first movie Iolaus was preparing for his wedding to Anya. Whilst sharing supper at Anya's house a man came and asked Herc for help. He and Iolaus went off to provide it. Iolaus was killed fighting the Amazon women alongside Herc. Herc persuaded Zeus to reverse time so Iolaus was brought back to life again and back to the moment in Anya's house where a man came asking for help. (Only this time Herc and Iolaus didn't go - Herc just told the guy how to solve his problem). So it ended with them all continuing to share Anya's terrible cooking.

But in subsequent movies and eps, there doesn't seem to be any reference to Anya or Iolaus ever having been married or nearly married.
Does anyone know why - have I missed something or was it just bad continuity from one movie to the next? My own imagination keeps coming up with possible explanations (eg her cooking was SO bad that she poisoned herself etc or Iolaus just couldn't bear it).

Next question - about Kev himself. Does he actually wear a wedding ring? I can't see it in cast & crew interviews or commentaries?

Thanks guys....
The issue with Iolaus in Amazon Women has always been a quirk. No explination - TPTB just moved on as if they didn't happen. ????

Kevin didn't marry til 1997 I think. I don't remember if anything was ever mentioned as to why his wedding ring was never seen. I'm sure it was a normal thing.

I think the Iolaus/Anya thing was just dropped, probably for the same reason that Deinaera (sp?!) was killed off; from memory, TPTB decided that it wouldn't look good to have Herc being married but for him never to be home (cos he was out saving the world) and I suppose it was the same for Iolaus once he became a regular cast member; plus Herc and Iolaus would never have been able to have a romantic interlude during their travels if l'il ol' wifey was at home! (They made Deinaera dying "OK" by having Hera kill her and the kids....).

Kevin married in 1998. I have seen the odd photo of him wearing his wedding ring but they were mostly from around the time of the wedding. I don't think he's a wearer of jewellery and I've only seen him wearing a watch in recent years.

OK, yeah, it's been one of those frustrating things that FF writers have been trying ever since to cover in a way that makes sense. Most of us who attend to the remarks made by Iolaus in 'Maze of the minotaur' figure he & Anya married, had 2 or 3 kids, and she died, and in 'Minotaur' Iolaus is trying to get accustomed to being a widowed Mr. Mom. And from the things he sez and the looks on his face when he sez them, it is confusing and frustrating.

And yes, suddenly in 'The Wrong Path'--correct? or was it 'King of Thieves'?-- anyway, at some point in time HerK has agreed to start letting Iolaus accompany him after all, even tho' at the close of "Minotaur" there was still the thing of 'No, i can't let you travel with me; I have to keep you safe, i can't let you be taken prisonor by anymore monsters, next time you might not be so lucky.' He should have been saying, 'What about your kids?' but already the writers seem to have forgotten about that. In any case... in the very next episode (whichever the next one was that had Blondie in it), there they were, travelling together as if it had always been that way. NO explanation of what happened to Iolaus' kids! Were they with their grandma or Aunt? Some fanfics say that the children died off, too. Which theoretically could have happened way back then. But still. To this day I still scratch my head over this puzzle.
I think the producers dropped Iolaus'wife & kids in preparation for the possibility that a series would be coming,figuring that their appearances wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. While Deianara & the kids were killed off,we did get to see them a couple of times when Herc went to the Elysian Fields,although to me that only made Herc's grief over losing them even harder to bear.

As for Kevin's wedding ring,the story,as I remember it,is that Sam agreed that he didn't have to wear it while he was doing Hercules,but once that series was over,he would wear it and not take it off. Once Andromeda came along,however,he couldn't wear it then either,not just for character reasons,but because he had lost weight and the ring no longer fit. He did wear one in the ep"The Things We Cannot Change",but that was a prop ring(it was gold,his actual wedding ring was platinum).
I think in one of the cast/crew interviews Kevin said something about being allergic to rings. In another commentary, he mentioned that he didn't like the metal wristbands because they made him itch. Kevin's probably got a mild metal allergy. These things are usually triggered by nickle, but a pure metal like sterling silver, gold or platinum should be OK.
On a personal note, I have a silver wedding band that I take off to work. I'm in food prep, which means no rings or nail polish. Also, if I'm doing an involved, messy art project (like, up to my wrists in plaster of Paris) I'll put it in my pocket for safe keeping.
I mentioned this in another thread,but one of Kevin & Sam's first interviews after they married was on Entertainment Tonight,and the subject of his wedding ring came up(he was wearing it during the interview). He did say something about being allergic to jewelry,but the way he said it would make you think he was joking although it's possible that he really does have an allergy where jewelry is concerned.