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Full Version: On High Ground
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At the end of the light saber duel between Kenobi and Anakin in Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan leaps from the hovering platform to the bank of the lava river, and triumphantly says, "You have lost, Anakin! I have the higher ground!"

When Anakin makes to jump, Obi-Wan warns, "Don't even try!"

He seems so sure! It wasn't clear to me that Obi-wan was unassailable.

But Obi-wan thinks it's a sure thing, and he also clearly expected Anakin to know that as well.

In normal swordfighting, higher ground may give an advantage (your opponent can slash at your legs though). But with acrobatic saber styles like Ataru, I'm not sure higher ground can give an advantage.

It certainly didn't handicap Yoda! (although technically, he wasn't on lower ground... he's just... lower)
yeh, I never thought it was a hunge advantage, besides Anakin could always have jsut gone along a bit and jumped to the same level but just a bit further down.
Never liked that line - seems such a silly situation - especially when you compare the way that Obi-Wan disposed of Darth Maul - makes that particular Sith Lord look a bit of a chump!
I'm not so sure that I take the "high ground" comment as being and advantage all the time, but just an advantage at that moment. Seeing as how there is lava in between the two of them, and if Anakin did not judge his jump right, he could just fall in the lava. What if Anakin landed below Obi-Wan, and he was kicked as he landed? Then he would have fallen straight into the lava and died for sure. The force doesn't make one invincible, or invulnerable to mistakes. Plus, the ground was sloping, and not even, so just the mere thought of slipping once Anakin landed could have thrown him into the lava. Obi-Wan did it alright, but he didn't have anyone slashing at him with a lightsaber either. Any thoughts?
Saber Wrote:Obi-Wan did it alright, but he didn't have anyone slashing at him with a lightsaber either. Any thoughts?

The sword-styles used in Star Wars have often been remarked as non-representational of "real" sword use, or sword use that would organically grow from a blade that can cut through anything but a similar blade. But that is neither here nor there.

Obi-wan and Anakin had an equal advantage, having likely sparred and trained together with each other over the years. That being said, and given the situation and its outcome, Obi-wan clearly knew what Anakin's next attack was going to be, and Anakin, in his conceit and arrogance as a Sith thought that Obi-wan's strength was obsolete.

I don't know that the higher ground line really makes any sense (not much of the prequels do anyhow) but the scene does serve two ends:

1- Shows that Anakin thought he was invincible and was proved wrong.
2- Explained why Anakin was locked into his life-support suit.

I think the scene could have taken care of both ends much better, but its Lucas' story, so all we can do is arm-chair direct.
Yes, they've trained and sparred together and likely Obi-wan was aware of Anakin's shortcomings in duelling. It seems possible that Obi-Wan was referring to his superiority to anything Anakin could attempt in that situation, rather than a general invulnerability to all lightsaber attack by others.

Perhaps he wouldn't be boasting his higher ground if he'd been sparring Yoda.

Come to think of it, Anakin's style is much less acrobatic than Obi-wan's. He's a bit deficient in the acrobatics, perhaps? Therefore his leaping attack against Obi-Wan on higher ground is doomed to fail?

BTW, do Brits use "lightsabres" rather than "lightsabers"?
Kinda both really. Because it is is almost it's own word, it really depends on whether you think of it as a 'sabre of light' or whether because it's it's own word that you use -er, because that's the original use. As a Brit myself, I generally use the -er ending, but I have seen others use -re.