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Full Version: What was the last album you listened to?
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I got the new Switchfoot album Oh Gravity and I can't stop listening to it. My favorite songs so far are Oh Gravity and Circles. I like it because it's a little different from their previous album, but still amazing. :wink:

What was the last album you listened to?
Sad, I don't listen to albums much anymore. Everything is downloaded.

But my brother got me a Paul Anka CD, Rock Swings, where he does all of these rock songs in swing style. I think the gift was a joke, but it's interesting anyway. I listened to it. :p
'Nice' by Rollins Band. Not too bad. Henry Rollins is the man, second to none.
Counting Down the Days by Natalie Imbruglia. Good cd.
Michelle Tumes' self-titled album. It's a very good album. Personally, I think she's better than Enya.
Moses Mayfield- The band.
The Dubliners - The collection. Gotta love Irish music, I'm a massive fan of Irish music.
I haven't been able to get enough of Switchfoot since I saw them play with Moses Mayfield during their tour a couple months ago. I'm interested to know who they will tour with next since they did such a good job finding Moses Mayfield
Dropkick Murphys- Blackout

Gotta love the Murphys. Gotta love any angry drunken Gaelic folk/ rock/ punk band with a bagpiper.
During break I listened to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Lost Christmas Eve. It's pretty powerful and fitting for the holidays.
justdecent Wrote:Moses Mayfield- The band.

Great album! Just picked it up yesterday but I've been listening to it at work a lot. I really like MM a lot.