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Full Version: The Drunken Pig
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I saw it too!! ^_^
He looked dang sexay!! XD
Hey sweetie! Got your letter - THANKS!!!! Will get back to you ASAP. Confusedun: {{{Anna}}}}
^_^ How is everyone doing?
[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Bruce's 2nd Old Spice ad is here, and is about the most surreal thing I've ever seen! :bounce:


ed. to add: there's now a "Making of..." video online as well! Click here!!! :bounce:
Don't forget Bruce's new show, "Burn Notice," is airing at 10 PM EDT Thursday nights on the USA Network! Details here.

So who's up to anything fun this summer?
I've been watching "Metalocalypse" clips online and using "food library" instead of "grocery store" and "Grandpa's guitars" instead of "acoustic guitars." I am such a weird.
OK, I'll bite. Since I'm too lazy to look it up, what's Metalocalypse? I'm guessing an anime series? And what do you mean by using "food library" "Grandpa's guitars?"
It's a cartoon on Adult Swim (if you go to the AS site, you can watch clips of the show and a few whole episodes... I also have clips on my Myspace page...). It's about a death metal band.

Food library = grocery store
Grandpa's guitars = acoustic guitars
Just dropping by to say "sup" cuz I'm bored and tired of watching these TKD brats. >_<
*rises out of a coffin* No, I'm not dead. I was simply on a short hiatus from this place. I'm back now. Obviously. ^_^
Yeah. College life has been keeping me really busy as of late.
Ah. So you've been away as well then?
Yes, I have been very busy. I'm taking 16 hours of classes, and I'm also working roughly 15-20 hours a week in the campus gameroom. Add to that trying to study, have a relationship, and keep up with the updates for my story on another site.
Hey tell me again what you're taking - I remember there were a couple of pretty intense science classes.
Psychology. Here at my college, it's classified as a full-blown science, thus the heavy-duty science classes. This semester, I'm taking more biology, which includes lots of dissections and microscope work.
Dissections? I certainly feel sorry for you. I remember when we had to dissect a frog in science class, oh and that pig fetus. *shivers* The smell was horrid, and touching all those organs... Of course that was in high school. What do they have you dissecting?
I can report no adventures, other than seeing lots of cool live music recently. I tried to get Jen (i.e. Heart Song) to go see a band that was playing near her last month, but she was busy. Hey Sehena (i.e. Brave Beauty) - do you ever make it down to Athens to see any bands? Would you ever want to? If so, just about everybody good who plays here makes it over to Athens next.
I love dissections. So far, we haven't done anything yet this semester (lots of microscope work though), but supposedly, we'll be dissecting eyeballs at some point in time. Last semester, we did everything from plants to squids to starfish...
[SIZE="3"]BTW, for updates on what films of Bruce's are on tv in the next few weeks, as well as all the latest interviews, check out the Bruce Campbell forum in the Actors sub-section of this site. Smile[/SIZE]
Hoping everyone is having a wonderful few days off from school, work and/or other endeavors! :bg:
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