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Full Version: The Drunken Pig
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Hey congrats on the GED thing - you remember I had recommended that a few years back, when you had missed so much of that semester due to being out sick. That won't get in the way of college, if you still plan on going.

Oh, and speaking of college, Anna retook the SAT's a while back, and officially got into her college of choice! :bg: :clap: :clap:
Of course I still plan on going to college. Which one I plan on going to is a different matter entirely. Flager in FL, Brenau in GA, or one in LA, which is where my current boyfriend resides. *takes an apple from the bowl of fruit, and nods a thank you to Heartsong*
Wow, decisions, decisions! All I have to say is, good luck with that.
Thank you, Heart Song. ^_^
Hey when you say LA - do you mean Los Angeles, or Louisiana?
I meant Los Angeles. ^_^
Awww... *pouts a little, like a kid* Rats. And I was hoping you'd be coming here to Louisiana.
I'm sorry to disappoint you, mon ami.
*sigh* And I always need guinea pigs, I mean playmates, to keep me amused. Oh well.
*squeaks* Guinea pigs? *hides behind August* O_O Hehe... maybe you should play Emilia in the rpg...
I'm a psychology major, so I test out what I learn on unsuspecting people (usually my family and friends).
Oh. Alright, well that I won't mind. ^_^
FYI, I finally updated my Jack page (see the link in my profile) adding info on the dvd, dropping some dead links, and adding a couple of photos of Stuart and Stephen....
*Climbs onto august's back* Auggie!:kitty:
Check out this new publicity photo of Bruce!

[Image: mynameisbruce.jpg]
Awesome! Very awesome.
BTW, good luck on exams to you, Anna, and anyone else in the middle of them!!!!

And here's another one, this time from (apparently) an actual scene in the movie:

[Image: mynameisbruce2.jpg]

I'm told that "Cave Alien 2" (on the kid's T-shirt) is the name of the movie-within-the-movie that Bruce is shooting.
By the way, Aug, I've finished my finals and got my grades back already. *Runs around, passing out fruit and cake to everyone*
So tell everyone how you did! (I know, but they don't.)

And who has caught Bruce's Old Spice commercial? Details in the Bruce section of the Actors forum here at the site.
I did well-- A's in everything except math and sociology (got B's in those two). I took 18 hours. This coming semester, I'm going to be taking 19 hours.

And I saw the Old Spice commercial too and thought it was funny.
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