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Full Version: Xena meets Buffy
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Lucy and original Buffy actress Kristy Swanson at an event for the 100th issue of Maxim Magazine (both were covergirls) at Mary D's site.
What do you mean by originally Buffy? Is that the actress that played in the buffy movie that inspired Buffy (show)'s creator?

Nice pic, though... Soon, I'll have to buy new cd's 'cause I won't have places for all of those on my pc ^^
That's right - Buffy was a movie first, then a series. Although they were created/written/produced by the same guy.
Yeah, i read that the movie was a real flop... ^^... But I think whedon well catched himself with the serie... It was a lot better! Hey, August, which other forum of SF Fandom do you post thread in?

Yep, the movie was one of those that was very popular among a cult audience, but overall didn't do too well at the box office. It was released in the summer with a lot of bigger-budget competion too. I think it continued to do ok in video renatls among the teen set in ensuing years, which is how producer Joss Whedon sold the idea of a series to the WB network, whioch actively wanted to attract a teen audience.

And I've probably posted in just about every forum here! :laugh: But most definitely the other Ren Pics forums (Cleo, Jack, Hercules) plus Buffy and general fantasy tv, and then over in the science fiction section Lost, Trek and general sci-fi. But really just about all of them at some point or another. Smile