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Full Version: Hi, I'm new here!
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:wave: Hi, I'm new...

I searched for a long time a forum about that wonderful show called Xena the Warrior Princess... As you guess, I love it... :love: And here we have!!
Well, I'd like to tell you too that I'm not someone from America or any other country in which you speak English. Actually, my mother's tongue is French so forgive me if I make any faults here...
Otherwise, I understand quite well English and I'd really love to talk to other Xenites...

So please, don't wait... I'd love to talk with you about the show, to know what are your preferences etc...

I think I'd better leave you here, then...

See you!
Welcome Aleera. Hope you like it here. Smile
welcome to SF-Fandom!! Big Grin

I hope you enjoy the site Aleera.

Your English is great.

With love.
Glad to see you here! Feel free to dive into any thread and/or any discussion, new and old, and discuss away! :bg:

You might want to start by adding your opinions to some of the "favorite episode" threads....

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

hey, you said that once I got the Rpg started to tell you so...

Anywhoo there is a new Xena RPG and we need characters. There are tons. The only one gone is Gabrielle but if someone badly wants her i will give it to them. Yay!
This is the site...
Hope and Dahak are allowed and made ups too. Go there and check it out!


Also if youre into the video game Tomb Raider there is a RPG for that too. This is the site...
Hi Gabby16croft,

I try to go on the adress you gave me but all I get is "sorry, page not found" or "not longer available"... So I don't really know what to do...

p.s.: I went on the site about the Tomb Raider RPG, I think I'll join this group soon ^^...
Hi Aleera! Smile Dont' worry about your English. Just have fun.

So, what are your favorite things about X:WP? favorite characters, episodes, seasons, etc?
Thanks for welcoming me guys!

LadyKate - One of the things I like most in XWP is the symbolic that's show through Xena and Gab's relationship... I think it's beautiful such a relation as theirs. I don't really have a favourite episode, I loved all the episodes I saw... But I guess my "favorites" ones are A friend in need I&II, Sins of the past, Looking death in the eyes, The Quest, Been there done that (I'd have become crazy if I was Xena in this episode! ^^), Sins of the Past and Altared State, just to name some... But I didn't see ALL the episodes :'-(...

I loved all the seasons, in a way. But I didn't see all the 5th season so I can't tell it's one of my favourite... But it will, as soon as I'll see them all.

As I said in another thread, my favourite's character's Xena but I also like Gaby, Solon and Callisto... I don't hate the other ones (Ares, etc...) but I don't like them as much...

What about you?
:hello: Hi there,

My name is Kate and I'm from Dorset, England. I am a HUGE fan of the show due mainly to he great Bruce Campbell! Its great to see that there are so many fans out there like me, and I would just like to say...ROLL ON THE MOVIE!!!

Hi there, Kate! So glad to see you here!

Be sure to check out the separate forums for Bruce Campbell himself (under "Actors," off the main menu) and for his short-lived series "Jack of All Trades," which I think you guys never got in the UK....

Welcome Kate!

Feel free to join any threads... Glad that you found fans like you, I was just like you a few weeks ago until I got here ^^...

So see you around, miss!
Hi Kate,

Welcome to the forum. I myself am a newbie too. I've never introduced myself (I don't think) and have been away from the forum for ages (oops!).

Back now :-)

... and listening to the Lyre Lyre... soundtrack too :-P
Hey Alison,

I just got series 5 on came through the post about 5 mins ago, so will maybe watch Lyre Lyre first! Only XWP can get away with being so random in its episodes!

Sure... If any of you guys want those songs, I've got all them (all XWP albums in MP3) so let me know ^^

See you around!
Welcome to the forum new members! Glad you found our little part of the net here and are enjoying it. Smile

Seems more and more Xena fans are popping up left and right these days! All goooood! Big Grin
Thanx for welcoming us too... Here's the big tv crossroad... Glad to see that more and more people (Xenites, etc.) are arriving too. ^^

See you around!