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Full Version: The Best Part.
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ok this recewntly hit me, what do yall think the best part of being a Jedi would be? like, would be having all the knowledge to educate younger ones with? or just the thought of hanging around with some of the coolest ppl in the universe? or would it be the fighting and the wars that you might fight?
I think it would just be osm to hang out with Kenobi or Windu, they are nice and smart. :bg:
The best thing about being a jedi is that you'd have enough knowledge to turn to the dark side! :devil:

Darth Pechark
I just went with the fighting. The ability to do the things that Jedi can do is just cool to me.
I agree with Han. The fighting's the coolest thing to me. (The knowledge is not bad, but is pretty boring. And hanging out with Mace wouldn't appeal to me at all. Obi's OK, but the fighting's better)
pah....jedi are weak and insignificant.
and incompitant may i add
You mean incompetent?
sith lord Wrote:and incompitant may i add
Yes, most definitely fellow sith.

Darth Pechark
i for one like the fighting. during the fights, thr force has many, i mean many uses in fights. not just strength, speed, jumps, etc. some of the other uses are lightning, pull, push, grip, etc.