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Full Version: My top 69 Sci-fi and fantasy movies.
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Since i enjoy both genres, here are my favorites in the categories.

1. Star Wars Classic Trilogy & Revenge of the Sith.
2. The Wizard of Oz.
3. The Dark Crystal..
4. Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
5. Harry Potter series.
6. Blade Runner.
7. The Princess Bride.
8. 2001: A Space Odyssey.
9. The Fifth Element.
10. Total Recall.
11. Aliens.
12. Alien.
13. Terminator 1 & 2.
14. Akira.
15. Ghost in The Shell.
16. Rock & Rule.
17. The Last Unicorn. (A great 1982 animated fantasy)
18. Excalibur.
19. Army of Darkness.
20. The Secret of NIMH.
21. King Kong ( 1933).
22. The Thing ( 1982).
23. Serenity.
24. Batman ( 1989).
25. Batman Begins.
26. Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky.
27. Battle Royale.
28. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
29. The Crow.
30. Mad Max.
31. The Road Warrior.
32. Lifeforce.
33. Star Trek parts II, 4, First Contact and Generations.
34. Brazil.
35. Time Bandits.
36. Princess Mononoke.
37. Spirited Away.
38. Independence Day.
39. Stargate.
40. Jurassic Park.
41. Men in Black.
42. A Clockwork Orange.
43. Starship Troopers.
44. X-Men 1 & 2.
45. Excalibur.
46. Fire & Ice.
47. Starchaser: Legend of Orin.
48. Conan The Barbarian.
49. Heavy Metal.
50. Transformers The Movie ( Also love the show).
51. The Day The Earth Stood Still.
52. War of the Worlds ( 1953 and 2005).
53. The Fly ( 1986).
54. Scanners.
55. Videodrome.
56. Dark City.
57. The Running Man.
58. Highlander.
59. Escape from New York.
60. Wizards.
61. The Flight of Dragons.
62. The Hobbit.
63. Mortal Kombat.
64. Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
65. Vampire Hunter D ( 1985) and Bloodlust.
66. Tron.
67. Jason and The Argonauts.
68. E.T.
69. Invasion of the Body Snatchers ( 1957).
I hate to just up and post like this, but is there a point to these lists? Are you opening this for some kind of discussion, is there some question you have, or some comparision you'd like to make?
Well this is a Sci-fi fantasy forum right? so anyone can put their own top Sci-fi and fantasy movies down ya know.
Gelflingboy Wrote:Well this is a Sci-fi fantasy forum right? so anyone can put their own top Sci-fi and fantasy movies down ya know.

It's primarily a discussion forum, so generally there's a question, request or statement to be discussed. I'm not opposed to you putting up a list, but there doesn't seem to be a reason for it other than just to put it up.
i remember the Last Unicorn! That was ages ago, but still a classic! i know most of the movies on your list by name but i've only seen about 1/15 of it i think.
the top 5 are all very good
Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away are too classic for words
Coconut ice cream Wrote:Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away are too classic for words
Cheers to that! Japanese anime rules!
Blade Runner behind Lord of the Rings?! No way, dude! :bg:
Why did you list some movies as series(Star Wars, Harry Potter) and others individually(Alien, Aliens)? I think that the individual films should have been rated as individuals and not as part of any series that have their stronger and weaker entries. But thats just me.