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Full Version: Zathura
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Another adventure from the universe of Jumanji.

I didn't care for Jumanji when I first saw it, but it grew on me when I got the tape (mainly because I'd fast forward it past the beginning and start it when they first start playing the game).

I'll be going to see this, but I don't have high hopes. I wish they'd done a role reversal - made the astronaut a woman and the *****y older sister a *****y older brother (or whatever the descriptive term for older brothers is!)

Edited to say: Ah, I see there are some words you're not allowed to use here! Well, probably a good thing!
Just wait until you try to use some similar words that should be allowed.

Anyway, I don't follow Jumangi but have seen the preview for "Zathura" and it looks interesting. I think it will appeal to non-traditional fans.
Had a chance to see a preview of this movie at my local theater a week ago, but I didnt' realize it *was* a preview, so I missed it. Now I've got to wait a couple more weeks, eh?

Well, I hope the b--tchy sister is a better female character than the ones in Chicken Little, but I don't hold out high hopes...
Well, it's a movie. Cute, entertaining, kid-level moralism. The Zorgons were kind of cool.

I think I enjoyed "The Legend of Zorro" better and will probably try to see that again before it leaves the theaters.
Hm...doesn't seem to be much of an interest here about Zathura. Is Michael the only one who saw it?

I saw it a couple of weeks ago, and liked it as much as I expected to - meaning not very much.

The special effects were good...but the plot left a great deal to be desired.
I don't know who is watching the movie, but it has had a better run than I expected.
This is an interesting concept for a movie. I know it's based off a book itself, but it also sounds very similar to a book called Interstellar Pig by William Sleator. I've actually seen better reviews for this movie than I expected.
I have a hard time going to a movie that is just a rip - off of a movie they already made, switched genres, and then added a moral to the story.
What was the movie they already made?