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Full Version: Clones hitting their head
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I have heard that in ANH there is a Stormtrooper that hits his head on a door or something of the sort. I looked really closely when watching the movie, but couldn't find it. Does anyone know exactly when it happens? I also heard that it happens in one of the NT movies.
I haven't seen that but there is a super happy trooper. They all have really moody faces and then there's one with a huge grin - it's hilarious!

In A New Hope, when the storm troopers enter the communications station that C3PO and R2D2 at hiding. The trooper on the far right hits his head.

What makes it even more funny is that just as his head hits the door, you can hear the click that the communicator has in his hand. SO, it seems the head hit causes the noise.

Very Funny
Yep, it's when the squad of Stormtroopers enter into the control station where 3PO and R2 are left behind when Han and Luke go after Leia. If you watch Episode II with the commentary, there's a comment made by Lucas that he made Jango bump his head after his duel with Obi-Wan in the rain in Kamino just because of the stormtrooper. The idea was that Jango sometimes didn't see well in the helmet.