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Full Version: Which film with Orlando are you most looking forward to seeing?
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According to the OB Files, Orlando is currently filming Elizabethtown in California. It's a romantic comedy (?) costarring Kirsten Dunst as his love interest and directed by Cameron Crowe. It's opening date as of currently is July 29, 2005. Kingdom of Heaven has Orlando playing a hero during the Crusades and is directed by Ridley Scott. It will be released in theaters in the US on May 6, 2005. Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3 will start filming next month and I'm guessing the tentative release date is sometime in 2006.

Which one are you guys looking forward to? I am definitely excited for Elizabethtown. Orlando has only done period pieces so far when you refer to his blockbuster features (LOTR, even though it wasn't really historical but still... and don't forget POTC and Troy) so this will be his first dramatic, emotional film! This will actually determine his acting chops and not be based on his ability as eye candy and fight off the bad guys. Kirsten Dunst is also one of my favorite actresses (and one of the few talented in Hollywood).
Crazy4Orlando Wrote:This will actually determine his acting chops and not be based on his ability as eye candy and fight off the bad guys.

But....but....but isn't that why we watch Orlando Bloom movies? :question: For that "eye-candy" goodness?! :bg: :bg: :bg:

Actually, they all seem like possibilities. I'm not sure how a POTC trilogy will turn out (a little skeptical) but hey, the last trilogy Orli B. was in was a HUGE success, so this one might also be good. Wink

....I'll have to do some more reading up on these films before I vote. Wink
I'm a pirate lover, so . . .


"Elizabethtown" has been finished filming for a few months now. It wasn't filmed in California, but rather in the actual town in Kentucky that's the title of the film and yes, there is an actual town in Kentucky named "Elizabethtown", you can find it on any map(it's a fairly small town but still on the map).
My sister in law was there during the time they were filming the movie and saw some of the sets for herself.

Ontop of that, I think I am looking forward to seeing Orlando again in POTC 2 the most out of the list. That doesn't mean I wont enjoy him in KOH or Elizabethtown, but being a huge fan of POTC, that's what I am looking forward to seeing him in, even tho it wont be out until 2006, and POTC 3 in 2007.
I can't wait to see all 3 of those movies. Kingdom of Heaven, Elizabethtown, and Pirates 2 all look like great films.
Actually, Elizabethtown wasn't filmed entirely in Kentucky, and even there not entirely in Elizabethtown (some of it was shot in Louisville). Some of it was also done in California (perhaps it was in a studio, but that is speculation on my part), Nebraska, and Oklahoma ( and the OB files agree on this), and also mentions Arkansas, and OBFiles mentions Tennessee. Orlando should be in California again next month to start filming PotC 2.

I'm going to vote for Elizabethtown. I'd like to see Kingdom of Heaven and goodness knows I want to see PotC, but I'd also like to see Orlando in a different, more modern role. Plus I like Kirsten Dunst. Plus I just found out that one of my favorite tv cooks, Paula Dean, makes an appearence. :bg: