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Full Version: Eurotrip on Cinemax
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Courtesy of Mary D......


Thu Feb 3 05:00P on Cinemax
Fri Feb 4 12 A on Cinemax
Sun Feb 6 02 P on Cinemax #2
Mon Feb 7 02 A on Cinemax #2
Wed Feb 9 02 P on Cinemax

Courtesy of Mary D, there's interview with Lucy here .
Hey, August,

If you saw "Eurotrip", what did you think about Lucy's performance as the "Vandersexxx"'s manager?

Personnaly, if I'd be a guy, I certainly wouldn't be at his place... It's kinda terrific...
It quite radically changed her kind of play... ^^
Thanks for the threads links, I didn't have it before 'cause my forum only showed the threads since the last two months lol...

And while we're talking about Lucy, did you see her in the role of Shannon in the X-Files (season 9)? She scared me as a super soldier, her emotions were cold, yet inexistent... What do you think?

(Thanks for talking to me, you guys! I wasn't able to find any French Xena Forum that is still open so it's good to talk to you all. Thank you!)
Guess what? To see posts older than 2 months, all you have to do is look at the lower left-hand side of your screen, and you'll see a command box, that says "Show threads ..." and you can choose from the last month, last two months, last year, etc. etc. :bg:

And yes, she did a very good job on the X-Files. Smile
Yeah I found the command box... But only after you gave me the adresses of the other threads...^^ Thanks for noticing it anyway... I'm glad to speak with you here.

At least I find someone who watched and liked Eurotrip! Do you guy ever went in Amsterdam? Or anywhere else in Europe?
We have a fair number of European posters here - I think I have a thread somewhere welcoming all the "Euro-babes" in fact! :laugh:

I myself have never been to Holland, but did spend a semester in Italy, mainly in Rome, in college. Smile

Yeah, I was in Rome too. It was a trip made with some classes from my school... But it was the lone time I ever was there... Otherwise, I went to Spain, France, England, Germany, Poland and once to Scotland... I'd love to go in "the deep south", too, wherever it is... And visit the USA would even be great...

Excuse me for this possible stupide question, but is there another convention or Xenite reunion that will be organised?

:bounce: :bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce: I think the "deep South" is more of a state of mind, or, to quote singer Jimmy Buffet (who was actually referring to the physical location of "Margaritaville") ..."it's wherever you want it to be, baby!" :laugh:

Although I guess technically, it's the more southern part of the southern United States, as opposed to "border" states such as West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri and Maryland, that have mountains and cold weather. "Deep South" would be any place that has swamps and magnolias and Spanish Moss, so Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Lousiana and South Carolina (where I am.)

And to answer your other question, yes - they have at least one big "official" convention every year in California - go to for the 2007 Convention details:

Fri., Sat. & Sun. January 12-14, 2007
Burbank Airport Hilton Hotel
2500 Hollywood Way

Although a good many of the stars also do appearances at sci-fi/fantasy conventions that don't particularly specialize in "Xena," especially if they have made appearances in other genre shows or movies. So you can always find people like Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Kevin Sorbo, Tony Todd, etc. at those. It's more difficult for the New Zealanders to show up, since they live so far away. And some of the US cast have moved into other things (i.e. Alexandra Tydings is a mommy and yoga instructor, Hudson Leick does more yoga now than acting, Claire Stansfield is a clothing designer now, etc.)

They used to do a feature called "The Strong Women of Sci-Fi" in some of the other major cities (i.e. NY or Chicago) with a handful of Xena/Herc alums... but that way they could include people from Trek, Farscape, etc.

Another one that sometimes gets some XWP/HTLJ alums is Dragon Con, in Atlanta, Georgia every Labor Day weekend.
Either way, if you ever want to come in Belgium (even if there's nothing great to see, though) let me know... I'd be pleased to be your guide...
I'll take you up on that if I ever make it over!

You know, we actually have a fair number of Belgian posters here - Thessa, Joke.... Hard Grin is from just over the border in Holland... there's a girl who uses the handle "a_godofwar" over at a different site.... I think the show must still be pretty popular! :bg: I know Thessa and Joke went to convention that was somewhere over there, although I forget where....
She was really fun in this role, and I love the hair.

She was actually the reason I watched the movie in the first place; and I'm happy to say the movie overall is actually really good (and funny) aswell.
Yeah sure... At first, I didn't know she played in that movie until I saw her name in the opening credits 8-O and did really love her role...! I was also glad to see Americans ones make a movie about Europe... I'd say they have a nice point of view about us ^^... And Amsterdam is actually really famous here to be the "s.." word's capital... There are a lot of sex shop (among other) over there lol.

Nice to see you around, p4poetic... See you soon, I hope.