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Full Version: The Grudge 2 (3rd Ghost House film in a row to open at #1) on F/X 10/26 + 10/27
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Quote:"The Grudge 2" is now being fast-tracked, as we speak, and we’re now working on the details," producer Roy Lee told our good chums at Creature Corner. Those details will, of course, include the possible return of any of the original movie’s surviving stars (if there are any - we’re not giving it away!), but we’re hoping that the freaky little kid suffers a sudden outbreak of puberty.

Success of 'Grudge' spurs real malice -- expect a sequel
November 1, 2004

Do not begrudge the makers of "The Grudge" a sequel. "My partner Rob Tapert is working on 'Grudge 2' now," says producer Sam Raimi.

"We didn't want to jinx the first one and put the cart before the horse," Raimi says. But after two weeks of scarily great box office, it seems like a sure thing. In fact, Raimi has a new production company called Ghost House Pictures.

"We're trying to find the next, weirdest and wildest new vision of horror to bring to the big screen," he says.

Read the rest at
Sony Pictures Entertainment has signed a two-picture distribution deal with Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert's Ghost House Pictures to release The Grudge 2, as well as the English-language debut film from the Pang brothers {i.e. "Scarecrow"} according to The Hollywood Reporter. The two companies previously collaborated on the first Grudge film, a remake of the Japanese horror film Ju-On, and the recently released Boogeyman.
Also from an infinite number of sites, this one in Sam's hometown Detroit News:

Quote:Amber Tamblyn will topline "The Grudge 2," the sequel to the 2004 horror hit...

Tamblyn will play the younger sister of Sarah Michelle Gellar, who returns long enough to pass on the movie's supernatural curse. The sequel delves into the secrets behind the grudge's wrath and introduces a seemingly unrelated host of new characters who find themselves connected by the curse....

"Grudge 2" is set to begin shooting next month in Tokyo, with the studio eyeing an October release. The first film was a surprise hit for Sony, grossing more than $110 million domestically.
Isn't she that girl from the WB show What I Like About You? Horror tends to do well, at least as of late, so this will probably pay off for them. But if they expect a similar take, I think they're in for a rude surprise. I think SMG has more star power at the box office than they've considered.
LOL - well, let's hope horror does well, as they've got not one, not two but 7 other horror films in varying stages of development! :laugh:

But nope, Amber Tamblyn is the girl from "Joan of Arcadia" - which I never watched, but I gather it was sort of a teen version of "Highway to Heaven" and "Touched by an Angel," where God spoke to Joan in the guise of a number of guest stars, and told her whom to help and where to do good.

[Image: inside1-amber-spot.jpg]

She was also one of the girls in "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants."

[Image: 53390172.jpg]

And her last name may look familiar, as her dad Russ was a long-time Hollywood star, from playing Elizabeth Taylor's little brother in the original "Father of the Bride" and its sequel, to being one of the singing, dancing "Seven Brothers" who were looking for seven brides, to an Oscar nomination for the original "Peyton Place" film, to doing the Owen Wilson role in the original "Haunting," to playing the original Riff in "West Side Story." Meaning of course that not only is he a Jet, but he's a Jet all the way, from his first cigarette to his last dying day. :laugh:

[Image: riff.jpg]
Ok, got the wrong name, but I've seen her before. Better actor than that girl I was thinking, so I'd say she's a better choice. (Yes, I'm a casting director now, too. :bg: )

Hey, I wonder if her dad ever crossed paths with Julie Newmar, I think she was a dancer in the Seven Brides movie, too.
From SciFi Wire:

Quote:Jennifer Beals (The L Word) has joined the cast of The Grudge 2, a sequel to the 2004 horror hit, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film stars Amber Tamblyn as the sister of the character played by Sarah Michelle Gellar in the first film. Gellar will also reprise her role in a brief appearance. Other cast members include Arielle Kebbel and Teresa Palmer.

The Grudge 2 is set to begin shooting next week in Tokyo with an eye towards an October release. Takashi Shimizu will once again direct. The sequel delves into the secrets behind the grudge's wrath and introduces a seemingly unrelated host of characters who find themselves connected by the curse, the trade paper reported. Details about Beals' character are being kept under wraps, though it is known she incurs the wrath of the grudge.
[COLOR="Navy"]There's an interview with Amber Tamblyn at - it doesnb't really break any news or anything, but it begins with this interesting tidbit of info:

Quote:A few months ago, had a chance to fly to Tokyo to visit the set of Takashi Shimizu's The Grudge 2, and while there, we had a chance to talk to actress Amber Tamblyn about taking over for Sarah Michelle Gellar in the sequel to the top opening horror movie of all time. :fright:

[COLOR="Navy"]Oh wow - can't believe I had never realized this before! SMG and Amber Tamblyn have worked together before, on "Buffy!"

Amber was in the 6th season episode "All the Way," where Dawnie pretends to be spending Hallowe'en night w/ her friend Janice, while Janice tells her parents she's staying with Dawn. "Ahh, they're dipping into the classics. You gotta respect that," observes Xander. :tongue: Amber played Janice.

There's an article about their brief time together in this movie at Sci-Fi Wire. Excerpts:


Gellar reprises the role of Karen in a cameo; Tamblyn plays Karen's sister, Aubrey, who has come to Japan to help her sister and encounters the curse called The Grudge.

... Tamblyn said, "I got to work with her for about a week....It was really fun to work with her. She'd spent a little time on soap operas, and I spent a lot of time on soap operas, and we both came from the TV world, her with Buffy and me with Joan [of Arcadia]."

Tamblyn added: "So we both like to shoot. We like to block. We like to talk. We both think and talk really fast. It was just really fun. I had a great time with her. She's hilarious. And she remembered me from the episode of Buffy, though I'd met her a couple of times before that, too. Anytime we met up with each other at dinner she'd just give me a hug and whisper, 'I'm so happy you're doing this.'"
I really enjoyed the first one and cant wait to see the next one ...and with a release date of Friday the 13th ...well lets just say its the perfect date for a Grudge:wicked:

The site is fully functional and mondo-creepy now. The film opens this Friday.
[COLOR="Teal"]Sam Raimi surrounded by babes at the premiere - click here. L-R Arielle Kebbel; Jennifer Beals; Sam; Amber Tamblyn; Sarah Michelle Gellar; Sarah Roemer.

More premiere photos here.

And look who else turned up!!! [/COLOR]

It was # 1 in the nation this week!

Accoring to Reuters, "The Grudge 2 sold about $22 million worth of tickets during its first three days, beating out the new Robin Williams comedy.....(it) revolves around an undead mother-daughter duo who terrorize hapless souls across the globe. The star of the first installment, Sarah Michelle Gellar, is quickly dispatched at the outset, leaving new arrival Amber Tamblyn, playing her younger sister, to take over as scream queen."

Its budget was only $20 million, so it's already made a profit in 3 days.

Horror opens good, especially in October!
[COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]I find it especially amusing that "The Departed," directed by 6-time Oscar nominee Martin Scorsese, and featuring Oscar and 4-time Emmy nominee Alec Baldwin, 2-time Oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio, Oscar-winner Matt Damon, and 12-time Oscar nominee (and 3-time winner) Jack Nicholson ...and "Man of the Year" starring Oscar-winner and 4-time nominee Robin Williams and directed by Oscar-winner and 5-time nominee Barry Levinson.....came in at # 2 and # 3 respectively behind a low-budget Rob Tapert horror movie.

Interestingly, 54% of the audience was under 21, and 52% was female. [/COLOR]
Plenty of photos of everyone at the premiere are at If Magazine.
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