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Full Version: Jurassic parks 1,2,3
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I LOVE the Jurassic park films. The first is up the top on my list of my favourite films of all time. It is also one of my earliest great film memories from when I was a small child. Like Star Wars this film had a huge imapact on me.

I also enjoyed the second film, The Lost World Jurrassic Park greatly, although I didn't enjoy it as much as the first. I also thought that it was a bit silly how nearly all the armed hunters managed to get killed.

The third, is my least favourite. I did enjoy it, especially the pteranodons and the scenes around the ingen complex, but I thought that the film suffered from not being directed by Steven Spielberg and there not being a Michael Crichton book for the film to be based on like the previous films. And the film just didn't have the feel of the previous films.

So what is your oppinion? Which is your favourite,second favourite and least favourite JP film?

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The original was great, I thought, despite some pretty big variations from the book.

The second was OK but nowhere near as good as the original and very different from the book.

Can't comment on the third as I never bothered to see it! :bg:
The first one's great, the 3rd is fun if very silly and The Lost World is kind of boring and the "Godzilla" ending is annoying.
actually the oldder i've gotten the more i've grown to find these movies to be mediocre at best. the first movie was a thrill ride using dinosaurs through cgi and animatronix. past that they offer nothing that any other action movie doesn't have. they actually have less than most.

the second movie was a cash cow. plain and simple. they tried to cash in on the first movie's success. they succeeded.

the third movie was even more of a cash cow. i spent the entire movie hoping the tea leoni would be eaten. no such luck.

sorry. i just don't find these movies to be that great.
Enjoyed the first, hated the second, skipped the third.
i remeber watching the first one when i was little and i remeber it scaring the crap out of me. even today it is one of my favourite movies of all time... if yopu havent read the book make sure you do, because michael crichton is an absolute genious when it comes to writing. one of my favourite books ever too
I love the first movie, I tolerate the second (I do enjoy it somewhat but a lot of it is just annoying), and I really didn't like the third. I twasn't the same, not having Spielberg direct and Crichton work on the screenplay like they did for the other two. Blah. Not looking forward to the fourth, cause it'll be the same as the third; no Spielberg no Crichton. :anxious: But, it's being written by different people, apparently, according to it's page on
Jurassic Park !?!?!?!

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Um.... what about Jurassic Park, Boba? Surprised there's a fourth?

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Quote:Originally posted by Boba,Obi Wan,Jango

when a movie costs $93 million to make and grosses $181 million US and $365 million worldwide i wouldn't be too surprised if they come up with another and another.

there was nothing new from the first movie to the second. and certainly nothing new from the second to the third. it was the "thrill ride" that they were playing on. it worked as a formula three times. studios love that stuff; that stuff being money. :bg:
I liked the 3rd better than the 2nd, mainly because Grant (sam neil) was in it. Ian Malcom (Jeff Goldblum) was in the second one but i liked Grant's character the best. I anyone read the book, theyd robably agree that Crichton put lots of humor in Malcom's character and i found myself laughing out loud many times.
I found this while searching

To view, use your mouse to select the text:
There are two possibilities for the script. Both are similar. One is that millions of years ago a plague wiped out the dinosaurs. Now dead dinos have started turing up on the coast of Costa Rica. DR Alan Grant is sent with a team to site b two see what is going on. The disease has returned with the dinos on site b and they have to stop the disease as it is transferrable to humans and could cause our own extinction.
The second is that the dinos on Site B are breeding at a rapid rate and it is becoming a population problem on the island.So now some dinos have started turing up on the Costa Rican coast. Alan Grant and a team (possibly with Jeff goldblums character) are sent to do something to stop an impending ecological disaster. In the end they don't send the air force in to bomb the place as they find the dinos are infected with s disease called DX (mentioned in Michael Critchtons Lost World Novel) which would cut back the dino population to decrease the population numbers to an acceptable level.

If the first one is true this movie is going to be the worst. The second sounds alright, at least better than the third.

Matt Confusedhades: :paw: :coffee:
I also found another JP script

I sorta hope this is isn't true. It has a cool idea to start with but the the story towards the end...ugh(throws up breakfast)

Matt Confusedhades: :paw: :coffee:
Oh man, I really hope they don't make it like that third script you posted. Seems to me like there are already plot holes, I mean first of all at the end of The Lost World, when Hammond was talking about stepping aside and letting the dinosaurs be, we saw pterosaurs (or whatever they were) flapping around freely in the open air (therefore they could've left the island any time before the whole thing in JP3). Second, would the embreos that were in the shaving cream can even be good for anything? The coolant inside was only supposed to last what was it, eighteen hours? Maybe not eighteen hours, but certainly not for that many years. Wouldn't they have been useless by then?

And you're so right, toward the end that supposed script just gets dumber and dumber. :dead:
Just as a reminder, anything found on the internet should probably be partnered with about 10 pounds of salt.
You're probably correct RR. I hope you are right in regards to the third script. PLease be right. Please.

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I just heard that Richard Attenbourough and Jeff Goldblum will be appearing in JP4. Sam Neil will not. A director has not been decided yet,but Alex Proyas (I Robot) is being kept in mind. He is still in discussion. We will also see some marine reptiles as well. And I also read that there will not be dinosaurs trained for combat that carry weapons.Phew.

Matt Confusedhades: :paw: :coffee:
where did you hear that from? because i heard i the other way around, that sam neil was in. a couple of times while searching on the web, i read that sam neil was not in it and that jeff goldblum was, but then i noticed that it was for jp3. imdb has no information. on another movie database, it said neil was unconfirmed and richard attenborough was unconfirmed. so well wait and see
one, thus far. Best plot, plus Jeff Goldblum. Whee!
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