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Full Version: Any one no the title of this movie?
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Alright, here's my brain dump on everything I can remember about it:

There is a fountain of youth type of drug that makes it so only certain people can have kids together. You get an implant that changes color and only people with the same color can have kids, or else the kids end up turning into a mutant.

The movie is about a constant battle between the regular people and the mutated people. The head of the regular people army is actually half mutant because his mom was raped by one of the mutant people. His color is black.

The guy's kid spends a lot of time in VR because his dad's gone. At one point he loads a program of him on a floating raft on a lake with a hot chick next to him. When he asks the gal to take off her top, she says that someone has placed a limit on how far the program can go.

Anybody have any ideas?

you got me....when was it made, that might help some other people out
Sounds delightful. Can you name any of the actors?
The results of a keyword search on "mutants" on IMDB can be found here.

That's the best I can do. I'm tried searching other keywords in your description, but came up with nil.


I don't remember any of the actors names, but I do remember there wasn't anybody I recognized.

I saw it at least five years ago, and I don't think it was new then. When watching it I got the impression it might have been made a few years prior to my viewing.

I had tried the imdb route also, and got nowhere either.

I am usually pretty good with this kind of stuff, but I was at my Brothers house in Texas when I saw it. He had Sattelite and we were flippin channels, so I don't know what movie channel it was on and I never got to see the title. I figure I am out of luck on this one.

Thanks for the help!


I got the title!!!

It was a tv pilot that never made it

Island City

Thanks for the help!