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Full Version: Problems with PW
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I request my password to be sent to my e-mail address, but it never arrives there. I'm at a total loss about what I can do, which is why I haven't logged in for months. Help?
Ok, first try to clear out your cookies. We don't know why, but a lot of times, this has an impact. There are instructions posted at the top of this forum or you can click right here.

Next, check your email settings. A lot of email programs these days have "spam control" and sometimes they see automatic emails from SF-FANDOM as spam. Just lower your privacy control for a day, and the SF-FANDOM email should get through.

If all that doesn't work, let me know, and I'll get Dixie to check out what's going on.
Thank ye, kind sir! Smile
It's what I do. :bg: