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Full Version: Thanks to the Lady
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I just want to thank the Lady. I have no idea how to get a message to her, so I hope that my words may find her, somehow. Years ago as a child, my first introduction to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genres came through her books. I became hooked at once. Since then I have explored other authors, but my favorite is still Andre Norton. I just want to say thank you to her for showing me this wondrous world. Thank you Lady Songsmith!!!
You can always write Andre Norton.

I'll post the address tonight. If I rely on my memory, I will certainly make a mistake.

You have definitely posted to the correct forum.
Most of "us" are avid Andre Norton readers. Myself having read my first Norton book at age 10 or so, just mumble-mumble years ago.

Now you just have to pick out your favorite.
If you forced me to choose.... this week ..... ICE CROWN

Let's see if I can get this in before Irene...8^)

114 Eventide Dr
Murfreesboro, TN

Speaking of which, I really owe the Lady another letter. And I owe myself another visit to the Lady, but I don't know when that will happen again. *sigh*

Favorite: Catseye, as always

Once a Andre Norton fan, always Andre Norton!
Paul, Thank you for the address!!!
You can tell it's the Andre Norton forumn ... by noting that the cats are talking/meowing to each other. (meow)