Forum Announcement: Charter, CenturyLink, Mindspring, & Spectrum Subscribers - Take Note
If you are a customer of any of these Internet Service Providers, you may not receive email from SF-Fandom - including normal forum notifications and/or private messages.

Charter Communications

These services routinely block and mis-label emails sent from our domains as spam. They use their own internal black lists and we cannot validate our emails with them.

You may be able to whitelist SF-Fandom.Com, Xenite.Org, and/or SEO-Theory.Com in your mailbox. You may have to contact your ISP and ask them to stop blocking emails YOU requested.

We are unable to request whitelisting because we are not a customer of any of these companies.

Each Internet Service Provider takes such measures as it deems appropriate to protect its customers from unwanted or harmful emails. Unfortunately, their filtering rules are not perfect and these companies provide no apparent means for email originators to appeal their decisions.